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Dairy Tech is a dairy food consulting company based in Lebanon, NJ. For over 15 years, Dairy Tech has helped retailers, wholesalers, universities, state agencies, and dairy start-ups, as well as other entities address dairy products’ cost, sourcing, co-pack arrangement, and category management.


Dairy Tech provides its customers with cost and formula pricing programs, as well as the needed information, templates, and tools to build and understand a proprietary dairy buying program suited to the business' unique needs and targeted goals.

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Dairy Tech enables milk-category managers to lower buyside pricing. By providing monthly targets and leveraging data from a variety of sources alongside our custom-built data retrieval and delivery system, you get access to current and precise cost analysis on your products, to buy smarter.

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Dairy Tech has successfully worked to supply dairy foods cost information to our customers. In today's economy, monitoring costs is a must and an ongoing job. Our program allows users to monitor pricing and price changes. Dairy Tech provides dairy products cost models, Target Price (what you should be paying), Benchmark Reports (keeping the price where it should be), and calculation formulas. Our extensive industry knowledge and databases provide our service with a tremendous value.


Some of our past and present customers include: Alpina, Maia, LATTA, 7-11, BJ’s, Supervalu, A&P, Shoprite, Pathmark, Shaw’s, Jewel, Cub Foods, Speedway, Costco, BP, Hess, Acme, Quick Chek, Albertson’s, Sam’s Club, Target, Grestede’s, the Attorney Generals in New England (CT, MA, VT, NH and RI), University of Connecticut, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and many others. The bulk of the work we do for retailers, various state governmental entities, and others is to calculate the proper increase or decrease passed on monthly. While working for the New England Attorney Generals, we were asked to determine whether the prices charged by numerous manufacturers to area retailers or wholesale companies were violating any state laws governing pricing of milk products. Dairy Tech’s findings were studied by a leading CPA firm with access to the processors’ financial records who found Dairy Tech’s work accurate.


With our individual bottom-line dairy food costing background, collectively, Dairy Tech brings well over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge to our customers. In short, we are a “hands on” service delivering understandable costing information.


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Dairy Tech's partner, Corey Durling, has a lifelong dairy food and milk processing background, beginning with Durling Farms (now Readington Farms in Whitehouse, NJ). Durling Farms was founded by Corey’s great-grandfather in 1880 and passed down four generations to Corey who, with support from the Durling family, sold the plant to Wakefern Food Corp (Shoprite Supermarkets). Readington Farms now processes milk for Durling which is marketed in the family’s 140+ convenient food stores, Quick Chek Food Stores. In 1990, Durling moved, with his family, to Poland where he built, staffed, and ran a yogurt processing plant, distribution and sales company in southwestern Poland with the intention of selling the business and returning to New Jersey. Yoplait bought the business in 1996.


Another key Dairy Tech partner, Karol Szot, has extensive computer programming and cost accounting skills. Karol ran his own software firm selling financial and cost accounting packages to the corrugated box industry in the US and Canada prior to co-founding Dairy Tech. With Karol’s assistance Dairy Tech has collected a vast database of product cost information from around the country and Canada.

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