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Procurement Information for Dairy Buyers

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The Value of Our Service

• Bottom line results


• We provide Target Prices to our customers

 for all their dairy related SKU's


• We provide backup "point sheets" to assist in

 negotiating purchase prices.


• Monitor pricing in subsequent months via

 our Benchmark Tracking System to keep your

 price whole.


• Dairy specific request for proposals (RFPs) to

 meet your needs with price tracking verbiage.

Find cost control solutions you can trust

How can you trust the cost information Dairy Tech provides? Our team has developed and validated a proprietary web-based information system which accurately models a milk plant's cost structure and tracks USDA milk pricing.


One partner owned, managed, and operated a large dairy and knows dairy costing intimately from both sides of the table, while another partner owned and operated a computer software firm. Combined with numerous industry, farm, and university insider sources, our knowledge base is unmatched.

How can our team help you save on dairy products?

With rare exceptions, milk processors overcharge their customers by $.10 - .25 per gallon. They get away with this due to confusing government milk pricing rules and formulas, monthly price adjustments and changes, and the lack of retailer fact-based category management information. Dairy Tech will help you combat these tactics, so you can start to save.

Where will you see savings on your dairy costs?

Dairy Tech provides Target Price Points for buyers of dairy products. The data our team collects gives you insights on the costs of your items and information on how to negotiate for better pricing.

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